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Our Community Foundation is Provides funding for scholarships, teacher training, school supplies, and more.


Mission & Vision

The foundation's vision is that every child should have access to quality education and a safe environment .



It's a non-profit organization that seeks to build a strong foundation for children and youth in India.

About Us

Welcome To Disha Foundation

DISHA FOUNDATION , A CBO Was formed primarily with an intense desire to spread helping hands to the Victims of drug abuse and their families. The fact that encouraged the group after seeing a good number of addicts living hassle free lives and make themselves Capable to take their responsibility upon their own shoulders. Above 7(seven) ex-drug users are Correctly employed in the project of DISHA FOUNDATION Committed to deliver out-reach, Drug Treatment , Prevention ,intervention , Care & Support Services to the Target group.

We are Supported by FPAI (Family planning Association of INDIA) Conducting health Camps in the Project and organising HIV testing Camps With a purpose to make the inmates aware of the epidemic of HIV/AIDS.

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Disha Foundation
Best De-Addiction Centre in Bhubaneswar

Some people need help and we give it. The DISHA Foundation NGO and Education is a charity organization that helps people in need all over the world. They provide food, shelter, and education for those who are in need.


Nidhish Prasad Agasti
Satisfied Client

I Nidhish Prasad Agasti leads to alcohol and leads to addiction unknowingly about it. I came to know about it when I admitted into the Disha Foundation. By the help of the counsellor and the counselling session along with yoga, pranayam session I came out of it and now I am six months clean. The facilities provided by the Disha Foundation was satisfactory for me and helped me a lot from come out of addiction.

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Why Choose Us

Even after the patient is discharged from the centre, we care for them and guide them in need. We undertake after care process as under :

Self-help group meeting

Self-help groups are a way for people to come together to learn how to cope with their emotions, develop coping skills, and support each other.

Through telephone & Mail

I got a call from the Disha Foundation NGO and Education, the number one charity that supports women and children in developing countries.

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