Our Services

» Admission :

People come to Disha foundation Rehabilitation programme from various places of Odisha. These people represent all ages, social, occupational & religious backgrounds; there are no constraints on caste, creed or social Status.

» De addiction :

Shortly after admission, a general health assessment is conducted and there after the detoxification process is initiated. After the patient’s physical condition has stabilized, the patient is moved towards the De-addiction process. The process is conducted as:-

Withdrawal Management Other Medical assistance Standardization of treatment Counselling & Support.

» Rehabilitation :

The Length of stay for patients at Disha foundation Varies according to the intensity Of addiction. The average Stay is 90 Days for the treatment procedure. The daily Schedule, Which gives them a conscious awareness of time Management. The Daily Schedule is divided into work or study periods, leisure, exercise, life fulfilling activities & Daily group therapy. It helps patients to understand themselves and their disease better.

The activities we undertake as are :

  • Yoga
  • Prayer & Meditation
  • Time Management
  • Work papers, Reading/ writing
  • One to one Counseling
  • Therapeutic duty assignment
  • Psychiatric Monitoring
  • Orientation Classes
  • Re-educative Session
  • Family Counseling
  • Group Dynamics

Aftercare (follow- up) :
Even after the patient is discharged from the centre, we care for them and guide them in need.
We undertake after care process as under :

  • Self-help group meeting
  • Through telephone & Mail
  • Through Sponsor of the program

» Family therapy programme :

With every Dependent there is a co-dependent suffering with the features of distress related to the habit of Chemical Dependency. It may be a spouse, a sibling, friend or Colleague or some other relative. The relationship of the affected with the afflicted one is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. At Disha foundation we offer a family therapy programme. Individual & group interactions help the participants to develop strategies to deal with them. It empowers the individual to make appropriate life-style change for the betterment of the family.

» Amenities :

  • Affordable Non-AC / AC Rooms
  • 24 hr Surveillance